Welcome ようこそ。

Thank you for visiting Kamigata Rakugo and Me, a web log that I kept from 2010 to 2014 about Kamigata Rakugo, my experiences as a researcher of the art, and other Japan-related matters that interested me.

To accommodate readers of English and Japanese, I did my best to make this a bilingual web blog. Unfortunately, I had little time for blogging, and even less for editing while I was a graduate student. Please be so kind to forgive the typos and poor English/Japanese you come across. A few posts have yet to be translated to Japanese — I apologize for the inconvenience. If you would like a rough translation in Japanese or another language, try copy-pasting the content into Google Translate or another free online translation software.


英語の読者と日本語の読者のために、このブログをできるだけ「バイリンガル・ブログ」にすることにさせていただきました。残念ながら、大学院生の時代にブログを書く時間、そして編集する時間はあまりありませんでした。スペルのミスや下手な英語・日本語などをお許しくださいませ。すみませんが、ある記事はまだ日本語に訳できておりません。お手数ですが、日本語、また他の言語に(大まかに)訳したい方は、記事の内容を Google Translate または他のインターネット無料翻訳ソフトにコピー&ペーストしてくださいませ。

© Kamigata Rakugo & Me 上方落語と僕. No use of site material without permission please. Kamigata Rakugo and Me is a not-for-profit site. 許可なくサイト内容の使用をお断りしております。「上方落語と僕」は非営利サイトです。

4 thoughts on “Welcome ようこそ。

  1. Hi Matt, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can read a bit more about what it’s all about here.

    If you’d like to pass it along, write a new post answering the questions I pose in my post here, and nominate 11 other bloggers, asking your own 11 questions. (And if you’d rather not bother, that’s fine too!)

    Looking forward to future posts!

  2. This is a wonderful web page Matt. It is evident you’ve become an expert in blogging what with your personal journal, coments, reflections and hyperlinks to name only a few…… Obi-Wan has thought you well my son…….Well done :)

    • Thank you, Father,
      But I still have a long way to go before I become a true Jedi blogger…
      I shall soon return to the homeland to complete my apprenticeship beside my brothers.
      Well, you get the idea…

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