Practice Day お稽古日

Today was an okeiko (practice) day for Somemaru. When his professional (rakugo) schedule permits, he dedicates one or two days a week to teaching shamisen and other hayashi instruments to non-rakugo pupils. Some of these students aspire to work, or are already working, professionally as shamisen players, but most are amateurs who practice without any intention of making a living with the skills they acquire from Somemaru.

My duties on practice days are to clean the house and set up instruments before practice, serve tea to and greet students as they arrive, make copies of sheet music as Somemaru requires, fill in on the atari-gane (hand gong) as needed, and put everything away after practice. Practice days are nice in that I have quite a bit of free time. Today I snacked on sweets, drank green tea, caught up on some reading, and borrowed Somemaru’s foot massager. But, the best part of practice days are being able to listening to the wonderful yose hayashi music!




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