Narimono kyôshitsu 鳴物教室

Today Aisome and I drove Somemaru to the Hanjôtei rakugo theater. Today was narimono kyôshitsu (yose instrument class) day. Somemaru gave a dance lesson to some eager zenza (lit. “first-seat,” storytellers in training who go on first during rakugo programs). Fortunately, Somemaru allows me to participate too. Today we learned the dance “Fukugawa,” and reviewed one that we had learned previously, “Kappa.” Some of the zenza are so good, while I’m still having a hard time remembering all the moves. I couldn’t take any pictures during the lesson, so I took one in the car on the way back to Somemaru’s house.

Once we got back, I took this picture of Somemaru and Aisome. This is a Japanese maple tree that they planted earlier in the year, and they are thrilled to see that the tree to doing so well to put on such a colorful display. Somemaru and Aisome also look great in kimono, don’t they?





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