A Fun Day with Shisho 師匠と楽しい一日

Today I went to Somemaru’s house with mezashi [dried sardines] in hand. We made breakfast and then I cleaned the house and ironed some tabi (Japanese split-toe socks) and hada juban (cotton kimono undershirt). After that I relaxed with Somemaru a bit; we watched some TV and he taught me some useful Japanese. At about 2pm we went to Umeda to do some shopping and watch the new 3D movie “Tron,” which was pretty good. He then took me out to dinner, where we had a wonderful conversation about how performing rakugo and teaching are not all that different; they require many of the same skills: good preparation, rhythm, timing, and, of course dedication. After this we did some more shopping and went back to his place to end a fine day with a hot cup of coffee.



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