Somemaru Reference Library 染丸資料館

Somemaru has so many books that he could open a reference library. The bulk of his books treat rakugo and kabuki, but he also has quite a few books on the history and geography of Osaka, as well as this city’s dialect and cultures. Really, since I am here in Japan to do my dissertation research, it is a dream come true. Especially this is the case with his collection of rakugo books. I can’t think of a library that has as many books on rakugo as he does.

Today we dedicated the bulk of the day to cleaning one of his Japanese-style rooms, which holds his many winter kimono, and a most of his books on rakugo and kabuki. I was excited to help because I knew I would be able to see each title as I took books off the shelves, dusted, and reorganized them on the shelves. The room looks much better now, and the books are just calling out, “read me, read me”! Aisome, Somemaru, and I worked together, and we made jokes and laughed as we worked. This was especially nice because it is the kind of thing I might do with my dad and brothers on a rainy day (like it was here today) back home in Oregon.

When we finished cleaning, Aisome and I were surprised with an early Christmas gift from Somemaru. “You two have worked hard,” he said, “go get yourself something nice for Christmas.” He then handed us money-gift envelopes. I won’t say how much I received, but it was much more than I deserved. (Thank you Shishô!)






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