New Book and Christmas Dinner 新しい本とクリスマスディナー

Today was a workday for Somemaru, but he wasn’t busy with rakugo today. He is busy completing a major work on Kamigata yose hayashi. There has been next to nothing published on this subject, and if there is a specialist on the topic it is Somemaru. The work will also include about 200 songs on CDs and the accompanying sheet music for shamisen. I am looking forward to seeing the final product, which should be on bookstore shelves early next year.

We are nearing Christmas very quickly. Since we will be going out to dinner with an important patron of Somemaru’s on Christmas Eve, he decided to have a Christmas dinner at his place tonight. I drove him to the supermarket and we braved the huge crowd to get the groceries we needed. For dinner we had Western food–roasted chicken, eggplant & tomato sauce pasta, a mini pizza, and sparkling wine.

We finished off the meal in Japanese-Christmas fashion, with a Christmas cake. Today Somemaru even sang a couple Christmas carols in English, so it really felt like Christmas at home.



食事の仕上げは和風のクリスマスケーキでした (アメリカでは甘いキャンディーやチョコが多いからか、クリスマスにケーキを食べる習慣はない)。師匠は英語でクリスマス•カロルを歌ってくださったので、地元に帰っている感じがしました。


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