Harp, Driving, Housekeeping ハープ、運転、家事

One of the worst cellphone applications is the harp-tone alarm clock. I set the “harp” for 6 a.m. to get up and be able to leave by 7, but I slept soundly until 7:05, when I heard a sweet harp playing. With my head on Tempur pillows that Somemaru gave me, and a harp being strummed next to my ear, I thought I had died and gone to heaven… “GET UP!!” I suddenly yelled at myself. “You have to leave RIGHT NOW!!” I coached myself out of bed and into my pants. Without coffee, a shower, or shaving, I was off running for the station in a baseball cap. I guess there’s nothing like cold January blue sky to open your sleepy eyes. Just save that harp for bedtime.

I had to head out two hours early today to pick up breakfast for everybody then drive Somemaru to Shin Osaka to get on the Shinkansen (bullet train). Somemaru has four shows over the next two days in Tokyo.

I got Somemaru to the station on time, then headed back to his place to fold some kimono, and clean his house. After I got everything done there I went home to put my bedding away and clean up my own place. After that I spent the day reading, and practicing rakugo and shamisen.



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