Bunraku and Shikishi 文楽と色紙

Today Somemaru was still in Tokyo, but he was kind to leave me with tickets to the Bunraku theater. This afternoon I enjoyed the New Year’s (lit. “Welcoming of Spring”) program that the National Bunraku Theater is putting on during the month of January. Somemaru thinks it is important to learn as much as possible about–not to mention view/listen to–popular performing arts that have flourished since the Edo period. He says knowing more about these will help one ultimately know more about rakugo. In that sense, this was a field-trip day for me.

Without any time to waste after the show I had to speed to Shin Osaka station by car to pick up Somemaru. Once home he brought out various art supplies and calligraphy brushes, to make special, framed shikishi (square piece of high-quality paperboard, for writing poems or painting pictures) as thank-you gifts for the directors of Rinseikai, his official fan club. Somemaru is quite the artist/calligrapher, as you can tell by the photos below.




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