Pines, Rakugo, Togetherness 松、落語、連帯

Today was a very busy day, with five engagements on Somemaru’s schedule. In the morning we drove to the Rihga Royal Hotel in Nakanoshima (central Osaka) to perform at a banquet of about 500. Somemaru spoke a bit then performed with two pupils an auspicious dance for New Years, Matsu zukushi (Pines Plentiful). Next we sped off to the Hanjôtei for a afternoon show, of which Somemaru was the tori headliner (as usual).

After the afternoon slot, we went to a nearby cafe to have coffee/tea and cake with Rinseikai, Somemaru’s group of devoted fans. One man I spoke to has been following Somemaru for more almost 40 years! Now that is devotion (Interestingly, this man told me he made his way to the famous Ebisu Shrine in Nishinomiya that morning–as a reward, he felt, he won the wonderful framed shikishi that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog). After the break with Rinseikai, we returned to the Hanjôtei for a Hayashiya ichimon-kai, a show put on by all members of an artistic family. Because there is no way so many (14) people can be fit into one show, the Hayashiya family does a couple of these shows per year. Of course we had to have an after-show party, and that took place at a nearby restaurant. One of the highlights was a gift (new obi) presentation to Hanamaru, for winning the recent “Roaring Laughter Prize.” This party was a nice way to end a long day.




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