Easier Day より楽な一日

Compared to yesterday, today was a fairly easy day. Somemaru only had one engagement, a performance at the Hanjôtei daytime show. There are usually three shows a day at the Hanjôtei–the morning (asaseki), daytime (hiruseki), and evening (yoruseki). Today Somemaru performed Kowakare (Parent-Child Separation), the story he recently taught to Someya. This was my first time to hear Somemaru do this story in public, so it was quite exciting for me. He even brought tears to my eyes–Somemaru later told me that he sometimes get so into this story that he ends up crying himself!

Aside from this quick trip to the Hanjôtei, it was business as usual: cleaning, shopping, cooking, eating, and office work. I even got in about 20 pages of reading! Yes, it was an easier day today.




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