From Haiku to Drinking Pee 俳句からおしっこ飲みへ

This morning Somemaru brought out his calligraphy supplies, this time to design a tenugui that will come complimentary with his forthcoming book. He brushed the same haiku three times then chose the most fashionable of the three. I was thrilled to receive one of the practice copies. The English translation of the haiku is “Being made to laugh / our hearts left in high spirits / yose bayashi.”

We left for the Hanjôtei a little early, at 1:30. Before the daytime show we met in a nearby cafe with the rep from the publishing company. After that, we walked over to the yose.

Today Somemaru performed another story that I haven’t previously heard him do, Kinshû sekisho (Prohibition Checkpoint). This is a story about a samurai, who, desperate for sake, promises an incredible amount of money to a vendor if he can only get the desired goods past a tough checkpoint and to his residence. The vendor’s workers come up with various schemes, only to fail each time. Fed up with the official at the checkpoint, who is only getting more and more intoxicated on the sake he “has to” check, the vendor and his men plot revenge. “Let’s tell ’em we’re transporting piss,” one worker says. “How can we get in trouble for telling the truth?” Everybody in the house, even the women workers, is called to contribute to the cause. The huge jug of urine is then hauled to the checkpoint, and you should be able to guess what happens next.

Following the show, we went to the nearby Kamigata Rakugo Meeting Room, where Somemaru gave Somekichi his second lesson for the story Yadoya gataki (Vengence at the Inn). Thereafter we had dinner out then drove home.

Today was another nice day with Somemaru and Kamigata Rakugo.







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