Terrible Japanese and Calligraphy むちゃくちゃな日本語と習字

Somemaru is headlining at the daytime (hiruseki) show practically every day this week, so today was much like the previous hiruseki days that I wrote about.

Today Aisome departed early for the Hanjôtei. After he left Somemaru couldn’t find one of his personal seals, with which he wanted stamp a piece of artwork. I sent a text message to Aisome to see if he knew of its whereabouts. He did, so followed up with a thank-you text. His reply was, “I’ve been thinking lately, your Japanese is really a mess! Calm down a bit before you send messages…” Ouch. Before responding I checked my previous text, which was along the lines of “Thank you very mwaah!” (doimo arigatô gozaimasita). I could then only respond with an “I’m sorry, I’ll work on it.”

Perhaps in response to this, after a good laugh, Somemaru sat me down for a lesson in Japanese calligraphy. I’ve been using cheap calligraphy brush-pens to write letters for years, but I found out today that I was using them incorrectly all along. I had a great time, and learned a lot about brush-writing. Now I just need to practice! Thank you very much Somemaru.

After this we made our way to the Hanjôtei. Somemaru performed the story Nedoko (The [Stolen] Bed). After the show Somemaru invited the entire cast and crew out to dinner at a nearby restaurant. We got home by 7pm and ended the day with tea and cake.






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