Caricature Debut 戯画デビュー

Today was a practice day at Somemaru’s, so it was a pretty laid-back day. I got quite a bit of reading done between chores and other business.

Somemaru got something interesting in the mail today from a student who participated in a recent for-college-credit rakugo workshop. It was a caricature drawing of Somemaru and his assistants–Someza, Aisome, Ms. Nagamine (shamisen), and, none other than myself! I am the one in the drawing who seems to be hiding behind Somemaru. Come to think of it, I was “behind the scenes” for most of the several-day workshop, so this is most appropriate. In the drawing I am saying, “Totte ko~~ ka~~,” a pun on “should I go and grab it?” (the forgotten hoe in the story) and “Cock-a-doodle-doo!” (this is a chicken speaking, after all). This pun is the punchline–and title–of one of the kobanashi (comical anecdotes) that Somemaru let me perform during the workshop. Thanks to this talented student, I also made my caricature debut today!




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