Today’s Shocker: Vintage Umeboshi 今日のビックリ:ヴィンテージ梅干し

Today was a practice day, so Aisome and I took care of business as usual. I decided to clean Somemaru’s refrigerator. As I was throwing out items whose expiration dates had passed I came across a large container of umeboshi (pickled plums), on which the date Heisei 16 (2004), June 20 was written!! I showed this to Aisome, saying we better throw these out. “No,” he said, “umeboshi will keep for 3000 years.” Yeah right, I thought… Since I’ve never backed down from a food challenge in Japan I decided to give one of these babies a try. Let me just say that I’ve never tasted anything so sour in my life! Aisome tried one and made the same wrinkled face that I did, only he said that he liked it and that this is the way good umeboshi are supposed to taste. Wow, I guess there’s nothing like fine vintage umeboshi. I’ll have to come back to Somemaru’s house in seven years to taste how they’ve aged!



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