Busy Day at Home 家で忙しい一日

Today there were no shows scheduled, but it was a busy day at home for Somemaru. He worked on his book all day, and also made time for an interview with a reporter from the Kyoto Shinbun News.

I got a lot of my own reading done, but was also able to help out with some research and sheet music editing. In between all this I tried to make sure Somemaru was comfortable and had hot tea as he worked. By the way, you can find his book at this link (in Japanese): Kamigata rakugo yosebayashi no sekai.

Somemaru let Aisome and I take charge of dinner tonight, so we went shopping and made chicken cacciatore with garlic toast. I have to admit, it was a little bland–nothing like Mom makes–but Somemaru still ate a huge serving! I’m happy that it was at least edible.

Somemaru was still pouring over his manuscript as I left his house this evening. Remember to take a break every now and then Shishô!






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