40-year-old Wine 40歳のワイン

On New Year’s Day Somemaru reveived a bottle of 40-year-old white wine from a man, Mr. M., who lives in his neighborhood. When I saw the gift I was quite surprised to see a bottle so “old.” I don’t know much about wine, but I think this must have been a rather expensive gift. Honestly, for the last month, I was hoping that I might be around when Somemaru opened the bottle. I really wanted to know what 40-year-old wine tasted like.

Well, tonight was the night. Somemaru was making seafood pasta and he called for white wine. “Go get the bottle Mr. M. gave me.” I did so and Somemaru told me to open it. Pulling out the aged cork was thrilling enough in itself–until I got a whiff of the corkheld inside. I only wanted to go further. “Pour a bunch over these shrimp and clams,” Somemaru ordered. “What?! 40-year-old wine?!” I didn’t have a choice, orders are orders–there went a quarter of the bottle… The wine smelled great as it simmered with the seafood–almost like a brandy. Of course we the tasted the wine after that and enjoyed the rest of the bottle with dinner.

The seafood pasta was fabulous, and the wine divine. Thank you Somemaru (and Mr. M.), now I can say I’ve experienced wine older than myself.


さッ、早速今晩でした!シーフードパスタを作っている時に白ワインを持ってこいと師匠が言っていました。「Mさんがくれたワインを…」。持っていったらコルクを抜くことを頼まれました。年寄りのコルクを抜くだけで興奮してしまいました。その中のワインの香りがしたら、も~のすごく飲みたくなってきました。「海老とアサリの上にバ~とかけて」と… 何ですか?この40歳のワインを?え~~ッ!ホンマですか?まあ、師匠の命令なので、ボトルの4分の1くらいをシーフードに注ぎかけました。シーフードと煮える香りは最高でした。もちろん、その後はワイン・テイスティングして、ボトルの残りを夜食とともにいただきました。



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