Kaneko Misuzu and Tea 金子みすゞと紅茶

Since I was in Tokyo for the talk/ performance at Tôdai, I also arranged to get together with my University of Hawaii dissertation chair, who is living and working in Machida until the end of July. We visited the Kaneko Misuzu exhibition at the Mitsukoshi department store. There was a huge crowd, and I could soon understand why. Kaneko wrote for children a simple poetry, but after her time she became quite the cult figure because her work also speaks loudly to adults on the meaning of, and how to live, life. Kaneko was faced with certain adversities that undoubtedly made living her short life difficult. It became clear to me that her poetry and letter correspondence were, along with her baby daughter, her main sources of relief.

Following the exhibition, my chair treated me to tea and scones at Fortman Mason. We had a nice meeting. He seemed to enjoy very much hearing about my unique experiences with Somemaru, but he also made it clear that he thought it might be wise of me to spend less time as a temporary rakugo pupil, and more time focusing on writing my dissertation.

Tomorrow I will catch the 10 a.m. shinkansen and be back in Osaka just after 12:30. It’s been a great trip, though I wish I could stay on a bit longer. This is the view I enjoyed from my hotel room:


展覧会の後、Fortman Masonでアドバイザーがイングリッシュティーとスコーンをおごってくださいました。そこでとてもナイスなミーテイングをしました。染丸師匠とのユニークな経験について興味深く聞いてくださいましたが、弟子の生活を少なくして、論文に力を入れた方がいいとアドバイザーが言っていました。



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