Hanayama Hot Spring 花山温泉

Today we drove to the Hanayama Hot Spring Resort in Wakayama, about two hours south of Osaka. Here is held one of the various  chi’iki yose, which I mentioned in a previous blog. This particular one is called the “Hanayama Hot Spring Narikami [Thunder God] -tei Hayashiya Somemaru Production,” and had its tenth show today.

The show is held in a large party room at the Hanayama. The following is a shot after we set up the stage, before guests were let in. Note the zabuton cushions on the floor. This is the way that yose should be. Audiences should sit on the tatami floor like this, as if they were in their own home. It allows them to relax and feel more like they are communicating with the hanashika instead of simply being performed to or talked at.

To celebrate the tenth show, Somemaru and four of his pupils presented a word-play game show. A few games were played. In one the hanashika had to name flowers that could be associated with the numbers 1 to 10 (e.g., 1 (ichi) = ichihatsu [iris]) The audience loved it and even got rowdy as they too shouted out answers to help out hanashika, whether they needed it or not.

This is a picture of Somemaru drinking tea in our dressing room. He sure looks good in kimono, doesn’t he?






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