Another Performance もう一席

Today Somemaru was the guest lecturer for a group of Hyôgo University students. He lectured for a full day on rakugo. It was great review for me, and I also learned many new things.

Somemaru wanted, too, to show students that non-Japanese like myself are both interested in rakugo academically and as an art to perform. Consequently, he asked me to perform Sake no kasu in English, which I was very happy to do. Naturally, I was a bit nervous to perform in front of Somemaru. Fortunately, everything went well. Somemaru even complimented me on my performance after his lecture. It sure was nice of him to give me another chance to polish this story in front of a live crowd.

Aisome kindly allowed me to borrow his kimono again, so, if I didn’t sound professional I at least looked the part. It might be a good idea if I started saving some money to buy my own kimono.





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