A Surprise from Somemaru 師匠からのサープライズ

This afternoon Somemaru had to take off for a show in Gunma, so we spent the morning preparing for his journey. Just before noon the doorbell rang. Typically, when the doorbell rings it is a courier with a package for Somemaru. I ran downstairs, grabbed his hanko (name stamp used for ID purposes) and received the predicted package. I took it to Somemaru, who told me to open it. I didn’t think this too out of the ordinary so I did so.

Shishô, it looks like a kimono has arrived for you,” I announced. He then looked at me with a smile and said in English, “It’s yours.” What?! You’ve got to be kidding, were my immediate thoughts, but sure enough, Somemaru told me to try it on. He helped me get dressed–I was so excited that I didn’t even take off the clothes I had on… It was a perfect fit, measured and cut according to my sizes. I was so incredibly surprised and happy that my face hurt from smiling so much… Looking at Somemaru, I could tell that he was just as happy to present me with my very first kimono.

Since I borrowed a kimono for a couple recent performances, I mentioned to Somemaru that I would like his help looking for a nice kimono at a price I could afford… I never in a million years could have guessed he would go and buy me one, complete with a haori to go with it. He also have me a new obi (sash) and haori himo (tie cords) to complete the costume.

I am still blown away by the fact that I now have my own kimono, and at Somemaru’s generosity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Shishô!


「師匠の着物が届いたみたいです」と言ったら、師匠が素敵な笑顔で「It’s yours…」と英語でおっしゃってくださいました。ナ〜ンですか!!冗談でしょうと思いながら、師匠が僕に「着てみ」とおっしゃい、着付けを手伝ってくださいました。僕が子供の様にわくわくして、着ていた洋服を脱ぎもせずに外人なまりで「チチョウ、チチョウ、ホンマっすか?」と何度も言いました。サイズもぴったりでした。素敵はサープライズにびっくりしていた、こんな幸せこと今までなかったので、ず〜と微笑んでいると顔が痛くなってしまいました。師匠の姿をパッと見てみると、僕に初着物のプレゼントを贈ることに対して、彼も微笑んでいて幸せそうでした。




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