The Ivory Yose アイボリー寄席

Today we had a free day until evening, so we took it easy at Somemaru’s house. He brought out a box of wigs, which we tried on. One of the wigs gave me an idea of the kind of professor I might look like in 20 years.

In the evening, Somemaru did a favor for a younger hanashika by making a guest appearance at the tenth show at the “Ivory Yose,” which is held at the Ivory Hotel in Toyonaka.

Tonight Somemaru did one of his specialty numbers, Kaketori (The Debt Collector), but he seemed to have even more energy than usual, all of which he put into making the audience laugh and laugh. I also laughed a lot from backstage. Though I’ve probably heard Somemaru do this particular story about ten times, I enjoy it more and more with each telling, and I always seem to learn something new. This is one of the attractions of rakugo, especially that by a master such as Somemaru.

Someza, a pupil of Somemaru’s, was at the show to play flutes. I have a lot of respect for Someza–he takes his art very seriously, and as a result, he strikes me as a person who may become one of the future masters of the art. Someza sat backstage and quietly mouthed the lines as Somemaru narrated Kaketori to the audience. I’ve heard rumors about Someza’s incredible ability to memorize stories in a short period of time. For example, I heard recently that he memorized the story Nedoko, a rather complex story, in about a day or two. Maybe this shouldn’t be too surprising considering the fact he is an Osaka University graduate. Another interesting fact about Someza is that he is a big NFL (American football) fan. Here is a picture of Someza in action backstage:






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