Yard Work Heart Work 庭掃除心掃除

Today Somemaru had another full day of shamisen and hayashi lessons. I helped with the regular lesson-related duties, and spent a couple hours outside doing yard work. I pulled weeds and organized the area behind the house. Nobody hardly ever sees this part of Somemaru’s property, but I think the back yard should get just as much, if not more, attention than the front; just as a person should spend time “polishing” their insides along with their outer appearance.

I spent a lot of time at my parents’ in recent years doing yard work… For some reason I have always felt purified after doing work like this, especially when it is for others. This morning Somemaru complimented the yard work I did for him last week, so that made me want to continue today. And, of course, the same good feeling followed today’s work. I’m especially glad that Somemaru won’t have to do it himself.




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