Sukiyaki すき焼き

One of the most difficult questions I get in Japan is, “what’s your favorite Japanese food?” Well after a dinner such as the one we had tonight at Somemaru’s house, I have to say that sukiyaki places in the top 3.

Somemaru recently received as a gift about 5lbs of high-grade beef, thinly sliced. This was the star ingredient in our sukiyaki dinner tonight, of which I ate so much! Somemaru made the comment, “you won’t be able to eat this luxuriously for much longer.” This is true since my last day as a morning-to-night deshi will be ending tomorrow…

But it is not the great food I will miss the most. I am extremely happy to have had such a wonderful and fruitful time with Somemaru, and I will definitely miss being with him every day. I now need to spend the majority of my time on my dissertation, but I will still look forward to seeing Somemaru from time to time when he calls me to come over to his place or to rakugo events in the future.





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