Deshi Life, Final Day 弟子生活終了日

Today was my final day with Somemaru as a full-time pupil. There is much I could say here as far as “final remarks” go, but, not only do I think my words would not suffice, I also feel it would be premature of me to do so… After all, I still have thirteen months to go here in Japan, and I am sure that I will see Somemaru a number of times during that stretch.

Somemaru gave me a thoughtful gift to inspire me as I return to book studies. He presented me with a white folding fan, on which he brushed: “To Matt, Fortune is now turning in your favor.¹ From Hayashiya Somemaru IV.”

  1. Ichi yô rai fuku 一陽来復: lit. “one positive [in ying-yang terms] and fortune comes.” This saying also implies “spring is here,” and “things are finally starting to look up.”

I thanked Somemaru for the fan, and all he has done for me up to this point. I also told him that I am looking forward to spending time with him in the future, whether it be for something related to rakugo or not. After all, not only is Somemaru my shishô, I also think of him as a close friend.

Since I will be on my own beginning tomorrow, I will discontinue posting daily blog entries. Please do check in from time to time, though, as I will make posts if I see Somemaru, or have something else rakugo-related to share.






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