Leaning “Ten” of Pizza ピザの十

Today I went out to spend the day with Somemaru. Today was shamisen lesson day. Recently I’ve been doing my best to make proper Japanese meals at home, but eating breakfast at Somemaru’s this morning showed me just how much room I have to grow… Today’s breakfast: yellowtail in teriyaki sauce; tamagoyaki (Japanese-style omelet seasoned with soy sauce, mirin, and dashi soup stock); miso soup with tofu and various fresh vegetables, white rice, and an assortment of tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables)… Magnificent!

Dinner tonight was something out of the ordinary, and quite a surprise to everybody, but a wonderful treat nonetheless. Somemaru decided to order two pizzas, complete with servings of pasta for everyone. A wonderful dinner, which we washed down with cold Coca Cola. This is a dinner that I might be able to manage, so long as I save some money for the occasion…

Thank you for a nice day, and such nice meals, Shishô

Walking to the station with Aisome afterward, on our way home, I wondered what inspired Somemaru to have pizza delivered tonight… I tried to find logic in this by relating it to Japanese culture and customs… for some reason I recalled the fact that not few Japanese people enjoy eating yakiniku (Korean-style barbecue) on the 29th of each month, as the word niku (meat) coincides with the numbers 2 (ni) and 9 (ku). Niku no hi = “29th” and “meat-day.” How cute… I bet a meat company thought this one up…

“Hmm…” I thought to myself. “Pizza… piza…? Nope, these aren’t numbers…”

Hachi (8), ku (9), (10)… (10)…  to (10)... To (10)…?” I continued searching in my head for possibilities… “Aha! Pisa no tô!!“¹ I proudly announced. That was it, I had found the connection!

¹Literally, “Tower of Pisa,” pun on “Pizza of 10,” or “Pizza on the 10th.”

So yes, no doubt about it, the reason that Somemaru decided to order pizza today is because today was the 10th; The Leaning “Ten” of Pizza that is! Okay, maybe not…

Since it was popularized on the TV game show Shôten, when people in Japan make good puns others often respond with a, “give that guy a cushion” (on which to sit more comfortably). I think a cushion is in order here, if I may say so myself!






「8、9、10...じゅう...と...と? ...」頭の中それぞれの可能性を探しました。アッ!そうや!「ピサの塔!」と自慢しながら発表しました。ピザと10日のつながりを見つけました!




2 thoughts on “Leaning “Ten” of Pizza ピザの十

  1. OK………. OK Maybe a cat size cushion………LOL
    Nice play on words 🙂
    What can you come up with for chicken salad? ha


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