Unwelcome Matt 招待なし真人(マット)

Today was shamisen/ohayashi lesson day at Somemaru’s. I emailed him–and Cc’d Aisome–yesterday asking if it would be all right if spent the day at his place. I heard back right away from Aisome: “Shishô has vanished by himself into Umeda, so I can’t answer for him. We do have enough fish for four people, so we’d be okay for breakfast. I’m sure Shishô will be happy to see you, so come on out!”

With that I planned on arriving at Somemaru’s at 10am. I didn’t hear back from Somemaru, but just assumed he was too busy to reply.

I arrived at 10am. I announced my arrival with a carrying “ohayô gozaimasu” (good morning) as I took off my shoes in the foyer. I ascended the stairs to the second floor and found Somemaru cooking breakfast in the kitchen. Down to the floor I went with a head-to-floor bow, “Shishôohayô gozaimasu!”

“Why didn’t anybody tell me Matt was coming?!” Somemaru questioned.

Oh no.


“Shishô, did you not see the email I sent?” I asked timidly.

“No,” he said. “I didn’t get a mail.”

All I could do was apologize in embarrassment. Somemaru is a kind-hearted man, though, so he said nothing more of this “unwelcome Matt.” We got right back to convivially cooking breakfast. After eating, we started the regular morning routine–cleaning, etc.–before Somemaru’s students began arriving.

I stayed until dinner, too. At several points during the day I was able to talk to Somemaru about some research I am working on. Some of the things I had previously spent hours on–and still couldn’t fully figure out–Somemaru solved with little more than a word. I feel so lucky to know him.

Tomorrow Somemaru has plans to go cherry blossom viewing in Kyoto. He was very kind to invite me along, too. Of course I said yes!

Shishô, thank you for a nice day–and your generous guidance! (and sorry for this morning’s “surprise.”)














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