Used Books 古本

A few months ago Somemaru introduced me to a great used book store in Osaka that specializes in books on theater arts. It has a great selection of rakugo books, both by scholars and hanashika. Many of the books there are reasonably priced, but some rare books are incredibly expensive. I have had my eye on a spendy two-volume set for some time. The other day I finally decided to go in, money in pocket, ready to haggle. I was quickly deflated when I learned the set, which I thought had previously seen for ¥32,000, was now priced at ¥60,000 (almost $750USD!), and this was without the thin but important scholarly index/commentary supplement. Needless to say, I left without the two-volume set. I didn’t leave empty-handed though. I picked up a few “new” titles to add to my growing Kamigata rakugo/ Osaka culture library.



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