Osaka Kamigata Performance Resource Center 大阪府立上方演芸資料館

Today I spent about four hours at the Osaka Prefecture Kamigata Performance Resource Center (Osaka-fu ritsu Kamigata engei shiryô kan), also known as Waha Kamigata. Here they have a great museum devoted to traditional yose arts such as rakugo, naniwabushi, manzai, kôdan, etc. My favorite part of the museum were clips of rakugo masters from the SP record era such as Katsura Harudanji I and Hayashiya Somemaru II, and a walk-through Kamigata Performance timeline, complete with a fine collection of artifacts from different periods on display (e.g., props, clothing, flyers, performers’ cherished personal belongings, etc.). There is also a great resource library with a nice selection of books to read, and CDs and DVDs to listen to and view, in house. I have been to a number of shows held at the performance spaces in the Waha Kamigata complex, which also houses the bookstore Junkudô, but this was the first time I visited the museum and library. I had a wonderful time, and will be going back very soon, and often since international students get in without dropping a yen. Not that the price of entry is expensive: ¥400 for general admission, ¥250 for domestic students, and FREE for those only wanting to use the resource library! Whether you spend money or not, the experience will definitely be worth it. Please do stop by if you’re in the neighborhood (Nanba).



One thought on “Osaka Kamigata Performance Resource Center 大阪府立上方演芸資料館

  1. ワッハ上方、僕も大好きです^_^

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