The Rakugo Museum in Ikeda 池田の落語みゅーじあむ

Today I visited the Rakugo Museum in Ikeda. There I found a number of interesting exhibits and a space to perform rakugo (shows are put on here twice a month, usually costing ¥1000 to ¥1500 for tickets), but best of all there is a superb collection of books, CDs, DVDs, etc., in a second-floor resource center. Included in the collection of rakugo books are some rare one’s I cannot afford. Next to Somemaru’s own collection of rakugo books (not open to the public, of course), this may be the best collection I’ve found yet. Best of all, the Rakugo Museum is open and free to the public.

Ikeda is on the Hankyu Takarazuka line, a bit out of the way from the center of Osaka, but the 45-minute trip is worth it. I was thoroughly impressed with this clean and inviting town. There are a number of other museums, temples and shrines, a castle, and outdoor mini-galleries on street corners, all accessible on enjoyable walking courses, which generally only take a couple hours each. Most important for me and other rakugo fans are the two Kamigata Rakugo stories set in Ikeda: Ikeda no ushi home (Complimenting a Cow in Ikeda) and Ikeda no shishi gai (Buying Ikeda Boar Meat). Truly, thanks to the banners throughout the area advertising the Rakugo Museum, and various rakugo events held here during the year, Ikeda City is quickly becoming a “rakugo town.”

今日は池田市にある落語みゅーじあむを訪ねてみました。そこに興味深い展示も高座もあります (月に二回ほど落語会が行われ、チケットは1000円〜1500円です)。しかし、一番よかったのが二階にある資料室でした。落語の本、CD、DVDなどがタクサンあります。僕の予算ではなかなか買えない珍しい本もあります。染丸師匠の資料コレクション (もちろん、一般の方は拝見できません) を除いて、今まで見つけた上方落語の資料室の中で、落語みゅーじあむが一番多かったてす。



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