A New Yukata and Much More 新しい浴衣の他にもイッパイ

I am a June baby and therefore recently celebrated my birthday. To help, Somemaru ordered me a new yukata, obi, and seta (sandals). It was a very nice surprise, and a very tasteful one at that. Now that is it heating up in Osaka, and summer matsuri (festival) season is quickly approaching, I am looking forward to wearing my new outfit!

Today I met Somemaru in the morning. We spent the entire day walking through Osaka, stopping for coffee, a pilgrimage to  Hatsu Tenjin in Sonezaki, lunch at the Chûô Kôkaidô building in Nakanoshima, a visit to the Museum of Oriental Ceramics, window shopping in Umeda, and, finally, a soba-noodle and tempura dinner. At each stop and along the way Somemaru and I discussed rakugo — its history, current state,  future, etc. He was also very kind offer helpful advice on the course of my research. I am incredibly lucky to be able to spend so much time enjoying Osaka with and learning from Somemaru.

Shishô, thank you for the birthday surprise (I love it!), and for spending the day with me today!


今朝、師匠と待ち合わせしまして、一日中大阪見物たくさんできました。コーヒーをいただいたり、初天神に参詣したりして、中之島にある中央公会堂で昼を食べたり、大阪市立東洋陶磁美術館をゆっくり回ったりしました。梅田でちょっとウィンドウショッピングしたら、ざるそばと天ぷらを晩御飯にいただきました。今日、休憩しているときも、歩いているときも、師匠と落語の話(歴史、現代事情、将来など)をたっぷりできました。僕の研究についても大切なアドバイスまでもいただけました。師匠と一日大阪をゆっくりエンジョイでき、師匠にたくさん直接教えていただき… 僕が本当にラッキーです。



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