Omelets, Shamisen, Maps, and Deer オムレツ、三味線、地図と鹿

Today I had a very nice day at Somemaru’s house.

He requested omelets for breakfast, so I stopped on my way to do some grocery shopping. Fortunately the omelets turned out okay. Okay, I will be completely honest: the first one was a flop — it looked more like a scrambled omelet — but that one went to me, of course.

After breakfast, Aisome and I cleaned the house and set out shamisen, etc., for a day of lessons. Now that I am spending most of my time on my research, I really miss being able to hear Somemaru’s shamisen and singing. Today was, therefore, a real privilege.

Somejaku (#5 deshi) stopped by Somemaru’s house today. It had been a while since I had last seen him, so it was nice to see and talk to him, too.

After shamisen lessons, we went grocery shopping, and then had fun preparing a wonderful dinner. After dinner, Somemaru shared with Aisome and I a great collection of Osaka maps. Maps in the set include pre-Edo-, Edo-, and Meiji-period reprints. On map after map he explained where scenes in rakugo stories occur. It was a treat to view the maps with Somemaru, and I am looking forward to taking my time to study them in the future.

Today Somemaru had a new hanging scroll up. This one is quite possibly my favorite yet. I was surprised when I saw Somemaru’s name signed on it, along with his personal seal. The deer in the scroll is great because he allows the viewer freedom to wonder why he is gazing upward. Is he looking at a crow in the tree above? Is he cooling his neck in an unexpected summer breeze? Is he trying to hear something deep in the woods behind him? This is a great scroll because it allows our minds to wonder, our hearts to play.

Thank you for another nice day, Shishô.









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