Rakugo Show Honoring Hayashiya Ancestors 林家のご先祖様の落語会

A historic rakugo show honoring ancestors of the Hayashiya family will be held tomorrow at the Hanjôtei yose at 6:30pm (doors open at 6:00). Somemaru, a few of his pupils (Someji, Hanamaru, and Someya), and Katsura Akashi will be performing a set of stories that were composed by past members of the Hayashiya rakugo line. Some of the stories have not been performed for decades, so this show will be a revival of sorts. If you have time tomorrow night you should really come and be a part of Kamigata rakugo history. There are just a few tickets left, and you can get them by calling the Rinseikai (Somemaru’s official fan club) offices at 06-6355-4659; the Hanjôtei box office at 06-6352-4874, or Ticket Pia at 0570-02-9999 (P-code: 597-700, also available at Circle K, Sankus, and 7-11 stores). I will be at the show (of course), so see you there!

明日の夜、6:30(6時開場)より、歴史的な「林家のご先祖様の落語会」が行われます。染丸師匠が、弟子さんたち(染二、花丸、染弥)、そして桂阿か枝とご先祖の作品を語ります。その中のお噺は長年語れていないもので、明日の会が復活祭でもあります。明日の晩、お時間がございましたら、ぜひ、歴史的な会を聴きにいきませんか。チケットはあまり残っていませんが、お求めの方はこちらへどうぞ:林染会事務所:06-6355-4659、繁昌亭のチケット窓口:06-6352-4874、チケットぴあ:0570-02-9999 (Pコード: 597-700、ぴあ店頭:サークルK、サンクス、セブンイレブン)。もちろん、僕も聴きにいくので、あそこでお会いしましょう!


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