Yobikomi, Memorable Show 呼び込み、記憶に残る会

On Somemaru’s request,  I went early tonight to the Hanjôtei to help with yobikomi, which is pre-show assembly of numerous flyers to be inserted into the show’s program. Considering the quality of most flyers, and the sheer number thereof, it becomes clear that having these produced is a major expense for hanashika. It is also an important and, I assume, effective way to advertise. While professionals are typically hired to print the flyers, it is generally the job of lower-level hanashika to work in the flyer assembly line.

Tonight’s “Rakugo Show to Honor Hayashiya Ancestors” was fabulous. It was wonderful to hear all the stories, especially those not usually told. These stories, most filled with hamemono (music and musical sound effects), are obviously important stories for the Hayashiya family, but they are important for the Kamigata repertoire in general. I hope all the stories told tonight continue to be performed on a regular basis.

Here is a blurb from the night’s program, written by Somemaru:

I would like to extend to all my midsummer greetings.

Our ancestors were, and therefore we… This may be given, but the details concerning our ancestors are not always clear. There are a number of riddles surrounding Hayashiya ancestors, and these make them quite mysterious. There are books that identify Tamaran and Ranmaru as two of our forefathers, but there is no actual proof of this. While these hanashika lived only a hundred and fifty years ago, in the same era as Sakamoto Ryôma, there is nothing we can hold that verifies their existence. It may be the nature of hanashika that requires their histories to accompany them to the grave. Still, Ranmaru and [others such as] Kikumaru transmitted story masterpieces and legends, and these are most valuable assets, the great pride of we who draw from their stream.

Please make yourself at home tonight.

Hayashiya Somemaru IV






今宵はごゆるりとお過ごしくださいませ。(四代目  林家染丸)


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