Tatekawa Danshi: “Sanshi, you’re a fxxxing idiot!!” 立川談志:「三枝のバカヤローへ」

This just in from Oricon News…


On the 16th at a Tokyo hotel, rakugoka Katsura Sanshi (68) held a press conference to announce that he would be succeeding the name Katsura Bunshi VI. It has been reported that before this day, which marks the beginning of a one year run up to taking the historic Kamigata rakugo name Katsura Bunshi, Sanshi conferred with no one but [Tokyo rakugo grand master] Tatekawa Danshi (75) about the idea of succession. “No way,” Danshi reportedly said, and strongly opposed, “you’ve made the name Sanshi big all by yourself, now stick with that name as a hanashika!” Sanshi commented, “I was at a loss about what to do for two years,” but today continued, “I am not at a loss, nor am I the least bit unsure about this. Next year on July 17, I will take the name Katsura Bunshi VI. I’m terribly sorry.” To Danshi, who is not in the best health, Sanshi conveyed the following message. “I hope you get well very soon.”

Following the meeting between the two, when the decision was made to take the name, Danshi fell ill. Though he reportedly tried, Sanshi was not able to tell Danshi the news in person. It was a mutual friend,  Dokumamushi Sandayû,  who shared the news with Danshi. Shortly thereafter [on July 10, 2011], a harsh fax arrived from Danshi. “That’s life for you. So Bunshi is a better name than Sanshi after all, huh? Well, if that how it is, there’s nothing anybody can do about it. Do what you like. Sanshi, you’re a fxxxing idiot!!” Today Sanshi welled up somewhat as he read aloud the message he had received from Danshi.

Katsura Bunshi V, who was also Sanshi’s master, was dubbed one of the “Four Heavenly Kings of Kamigata Rakugo.” After an illustrious career he passed away in 2005. This year commemorates the seventh year since his death. Today, Sanshi, Bunshi’s oldest pupil, stated, considering “my own age,” and moreover, that his contractor Yoshimoto Kôgyô would be turning 100 next year, and the timing, “it’s now or never. I decided to proceed.” He announced that on the day of his succession, he will begin a grand program of celebration with a reception titled “From Sanshi to Katsura Bunshi VI,” to be held at the Osaka Namba Grand Kagetsu Theater. At this point in time Sanshi is planning on making stops in at least five major [Japanese] cities, at venues that can seat up to 2,000 people. He also plans to make appearances abroad. Celebration parties to be held in Osaka and Tokyo are now in the works.

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桂三枝、「六代 桂文枝」襲名を立川談志から反対されていた

落語家の桂三枝 (68)が16日、都内ホテルで「六代 桂文枝」襲名発表会見を開いた。誕生日を迎えるちょうど1年後のきょう上方落語の大名跡「桂文枝」の六代目を継ぐ三枝だが、事前に唯一相談した立川談志 (75)からは「やめておけ。せっかく一人で三枝の名前を大きくしたんだからそのまま噺家をやっておけ」と猛反対されたという。「2年半迷った」という三枝だったが現在は「迷いも、一点の曇りもなく、来年の7月16日、六代 桂文枝を襲名します。申し訳ない」といい、体調が万全ではない談志に「一刻も早く良くなって下さい」と精一杯の思いを伝えた。





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