Nizaêmon Kabuki with Shishô 師匠と仁左衛門歌舞伎

Today Somemaru invited me to see kabuki at the Shôchiku-za Theater in Nanba. We saw the afternoon show, and it was great. It had been a while since I last saw kabuki live, so it was a very nice treat.

Kataoka Nizaêmon was clearly the star of the show. He is a very good-looking and talented actor, so everybody, especially admiring female fans, were on the edge of their seats, oohing and aahing,  when Nizaemon made his entrances.

I also enjoyed seeing Kataoka Kamezô too, who I saw at a special Osaka Castle performance this spring.

This was a very special day at the kabuki theater with Somemaru, who is incredibly knowledgeable about the art. It didn’t even cross my mind to get earphone guides. Somemaru had much of interest to say about the shows and actors before, during, and after the show.

Shishô, thank you very much for taking me to kabuki today, for the wonderful sushi bentô, and dinner afterward.







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