Happy 45 Master Somemaru! 染丸師匠、45周年おめでとうございます。

I believe I have made it clear how fortunate I feel to have a close relationship with Hayashiya Somemaru IV. Without his kindness, friendship, and guidance, my time in Japan would be much less fruitful. Really, all of the great experiences and educational moments I am having here are thanks to him.

Today is an auspicious day as it marks the 45th year of Somemaru’s professional rakugo career. This blog serves as a testament of sorts to what a great man he is as a person and professional, but I fear I often fail to convey just how important to Kamigata rakugo his presence has been over the past 45 years, how important it continues to be. Truly, this art would be in a different place had he not chosen to dedicate his life to it.

I am deeply honored to know such a man, and to benefit from his tutelage.

Shishô, congratulations on 45 years of Kamigata rakugo! I am looking forward to the next 45.






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