Somemaru’s International Spirit 師匠の国際スピリッツ

Today I spent the day at Somemaru’s. He has recently agreed to give an Australian Ph.D. student shamisen lessons while she is here on research, which has to do with music in rakugo (i.e., yosebayashi). Today was her first day. Of course she will be expected to speak Japanese and be able to follow and make progress in lessons, just as his other Japanese students. I believe she is up for the challenge.

With an American and now an Australian under his tutelage, Somemaru is becoming quite “international.” Well, I guess he was so long before we came along. He has traveled to more than 20 countries for rakugo-related business!

Somemaru’s current live-in pupil, Aisome, jokingly asked us not to speak English around Shishô, because it tends to “infect” his speech for the next week or so.

I’m not sure about that, but one thing I do know is that Somemaru is generous to take on informal pupils from other countries. Thanks to him we are having unforgettable research experiences.






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