Three Days with Somemaru 師匠と三日間

I spent the last few days with Somemaru, which was a nice treat. The 28th was a regular practice day, so I got to help with cleaning, greeting shamisen students, etc. The 29th I came again early to help with chores, and prepare for a short trip to Nagoya, where, the following day, Somemaru would be making a radio appearance at CBC Radio and giving an interview to a reporter at Chûnichi Sports. Somemaru asked me to accompany him on the trip.

We got on the Shinkansen at 6pm and were in Nagoya in less than an hour. We checked into our hotel and went out for dinner, Nagoya style of course. After, we relaxed in our room for a while before making our way to soak in the natural hot-spring bath.  This was a perfect way to relax just before bedtime.

We got up the next morning, had another bath, ate breakfast, and met a Nagoya Yoshimoto representative, who took us on the mass media tour. Before we knew it, we were back on the Shinkansen headed west for a small town called Kinomoto, where Somemaru occasionally gives performances.

In the dressing room I met Katsura Bunza, who is an old friend, and somewhat of an “older-brother pupil.” When I was a minarai of Katsura Bunshi V, Bunza (then Tsukushi) was almost always by his master’s side. He was always so kind to me, so I have many good memories of Bunza. It was wonderful to hear his rakugo, too. He is a great hanashika. Bunshi V’s style has definitely made it’s way into Bunza’s art.

Aisome met Somemaru and I in Kinomoto with the car, so we drove back to Somemaru’s house, a two-an-a-half hour trip. We got unpacked, made dinner, and the day was done.

Spending so much time with Somemaru felt just like old times.

Thank you Shishô!









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