Happy Birthday Somemaru! 師匠、お誕生日おめでとうございます!


Tonight Somemaru’s ichimon, a number of ohayashi players, and some friends gathered to celebrate Somemaru’s 62nd birthday. His birthday was actually yesterday (October 10), but, since he had a show in Nagoya last night, the party was postponed until this evening.

The mood was festive and the food wonderful. Of course, there was also birthday cake and presents. Somemaru’s pupils presented him with a beautiful, high-end wristwatch.

Somemaru’s birthday this year also marks exactly one year that I have been with him. In anticipation for this day, to celebrate his birthday and to say thank you for a wonderful year, I began preparing several months ago.

As Somemaru seems to have everything, and because I am still a poor student, I decided the best way to give him something “original” was to make it myself. I designed and have been carving something for him out of magnolia wood. This is my first try at woodcarving. Unfortunately, it is not quite finished. I presented it to him this evening to show him what I have been working on, letting him it was meant for his birthday.

He seemed happy about it, and made the group laugh when he joked, “What do you mean I can’t take my own present home yet?!”

Shishô, I have just a little more carving and polishing to do, then it will be yours to keep. I apologize for the delay.

Once I present the carving to Somemaru for good, I will share more detailed pictures of it in a future blog post.








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