Let’s-go Shôji レッツゴー正児 師匠

Today I attended the “Open Lecture,” hosted by the Japanese Society for Humor and Laughter Studies (Nihon warai gakkai). The speaker was “Let’s Go Shôji” of the manzai trio “Let’s Go Sanbiki.”

“Let’s Go Shôji” treated the crowd to a wonderful 90-minute talk, entitled “My Life as an Entertainer” (Waga geinin jinsei). He made us laugh and cry numerous times. Truly, he is a talented speaker, probably a good thing for one whose profession is manzai.

He has had an amazing life filled with many ups and downs. But his story is truly one of success. He is a positive thinker, a hard worker, and incredibly resilient.

One case in point was when he tripped and fell hard on his way up to the stage after being introduced. Some thought it was a joke and laughed. He immediately made it into a joke himself, saying, “Now I couldn’t let the emcee be funnier than me, right? …” Still, upon learning he has bad knees after a major surgery, one has to wonder. A regular man in his 70s probably would have had to be taken to a hospital after a fall like that… In any case, this served as a metaphor for his life; he’s not the kind of person to let a fall keep him down.

In his talk he mentioned meeting Katsura Bunshi V on several occasions in yose dressing rooms. On my way out, I approached “Let’s Go Shôji,” thanked him for a wonderful talk, and told him I studied  for some time with Bunshi. It’s a small world, we both agreed. We talked for a few more minutes and I was on my way.

A very interesting man to say the least. I hope to hear him speak again in the near future.

If you are interested in hearing some great “Let’s Go Sanbiki” material, I recommend the following: “Let’s Go Sanbiki” on YouTube. (in Japanese)









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