Tsuyu no Maruko in Hawaii 露の団姫ハワイ公演

If you happen to be in Honolulu on November 12, 2011, by all means make time to see the up-and-coming female rakugo performer Tsuyu no Maruko.

She will be making two appearances at different locations. Both shows will be in Japanese and are FREE:

  1. 10:00am: Tendaishû Hawaii Betsuin, 23 Jack Lane, Honolulu 96817
  2. 3:00pm: Honolulu Christian Church, 2207 Oahu Avenue, Honolulu 96822.
Tsuyu no Miyako (1986-) is a young and charming rakugo storyteller, and has been a pupil of master Tsuyu no Danshirô (1955-) since 2005. In addition to rakugo she enjoys massage, senryû poetry, and reading. You can find her homepage at the following link:
  1. 10:00:天台宗ハワイ別院、23 Jack Lane, Honolulu 96817
  2. 15:00:ホノルルキリスト教会、2207 Oahu Avenue, Honolulu 96822
露の団姫(1986-)は、若くてとても魅力のある噺家で、2005年より露の団四郎師匠 (1955-) の弟子でございます。落語の他、マッサージ、川柳、読書も好きらしいです。彼女のホームページは次の外部リンクまで:

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