Historic Event for Kamigata Rakugo 上方落語の歴史約な行事

On Friday, December 16, 2011, I am going to witness Kamigata Rakugo history first-hand.

If you can make it to the Osaka area this day, won’t you join me?

Yoshimoto Creative Agency is putting on a special two-part show starring Hayashiya Somemaru IV and friends (and pupils) to commemorate his 45 years as a hanashika and 20 years since ascending to the historic name Somemaru.

WHO: Hayashiya Somemaru, Katsura Sanshi, Tsukitei Happô, Miyakawa Daisuke and Hanako, Hayashiya Someji, Hayashiya Usagi, et al.

WHAT: Kiwametsuki Somemaru no Kai (The Ultimate Somemaru Show); part one will include a formal address (kôjô), manzai, and rakugo, including the story “Yodogorô” by Somemaru. Part two will consist of a Bakushô Kabuki (Gut-buster Kabuki) version of the Okaru Kanpei michiyuki section of the classic Kanadehon chûshingura, starring Sanshi (Kanpei), Somemaru (Okaru), and Happô (Bannai), complete with a supporting cast made up of Somemaru’s pupils. There will even be a full Kiyomoto ensemble.

Tickets: ¥3500 in advance or ¥4000 on the day of (tickets will probably sell out beforehand). For information call Ticket Yoshimoto at 0570-036-912 or the Rinseikai Offices at 06-6355-4659. You can get advance tickets at the Nanba Grand Kagetsu ticket window, Ticket Pia, or any 7-11, Circle K, or Sankus convenience stores.

(If you would like assistance in English, please leave a comment below ↓)

WHEN: Friday, December 16, 2011. Doors open at 6:30pm, show begins at 7pm.

WHERE: Nanba Grand Kagetsu Theater, Osaka, Japan.

Congratulations Somemaru shishô!











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