Hayashiya Somemaru LIVE 林家染丸生中継

This just in from Aisome, Somemaru’s #13 pupil, on Twitter:

… On January 25th (Fri.) Somemaru will be performing the story Sanjukkoku at the “ABC Rajio Kamigata Rakugo o Kiku Kai” [ABC Radio Listen to Kamigata Rakugo Show],¹ which begins at 6:30pm. ABC Radio 1008kHz will also be broadcasting the show live from 7:00pm. [Japan time] …

Be sure to join me and tune in!

¹Kiku kai, also a pun on “want to listen?”


… 25日(金)18時30分より「ABCラジオ上方落語をきく会」に染丸出演。ネタは三十石なんで…。なお、同日19:00よりABCラジオ1000kHzでも生中継放送するそうな。…



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