Tokyo: Asakusa Engeijô 東京 浅草演芸場

iPHONE UPDATE from TOKYO part 1 of 2:

20120129-215727.jpgI’ve been to rakugo shows in Tokyo before, but today was my first time to hear rakugo at the Asakusa Engeijô (performance hall).

Since irekawari (stepping out and returning) was allowed I stayed for almost two full shows and, among other things, got a great reminder just how very different the Kamigata and Tokyo varieties are.

The best parts of today’s yose trip was some great shin’uchi telling quality rakugo, and also receiving a fabulous kamikiri-e (literally, paper-cutting art [see photo below], one of various iromono featured in yose) from the artist Hayashiya Shôraku.

20120129-215738.jpgTokyo crowds seem to be a lot tougher than those in Osaka, but the hard-boiled Edokko performers do not seem to back down. At one point tonight the show was stopped because an intense verbal spat broke out between the shin’uchi Kawayanagi Senryû and an over-intoxicated man in the audience.

Despite the interruption, the show was great overall.

東京からのiPHONEアップデート その一




20120129-215745.jpg東京の客は大阪の客よりずっと厳しいなあという印象も受けました。しかし、ハードボイルドな江戸っ子の落語家はその厳しさに負けないみたいです。今日の夜部で酔っぱらい客と川柳川柳(かわやなぎ せんりゅう)師匠の口喧嘩によりショーが一時止まってしまいました。




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