Tokyo: Shinjuku Suehirotei 東京 新宿末広亭

iPHONE UPDATE from TOKYO part 2 of 2:

20120201-213445.jpgMy time in Tokyo has flown by. Though I had a wonderful time, I wish I could stay on.

But I have to get back to the “Big O.” No, not Oregon; I mean Osaka. I’ll be going back with a nice load of new used books, and some terrific memories.

Speaking of memories, I enjoyed a great show at the Suehirotei (yose) in Shinjuku this afternoon.

What constitutes a great show? Well, this totally a matter of taste, but I prefer shows to be filled with older (denshô/koten) stories, and to have fewer or no new ones (shinsaku/sôsaku). I understand the important role shinsaku artists play today’s (and tomorrow’s) rakugo world, but, at this point, I feel the so-called “classics” offer a greater escape from everyday life.

That’s how today’s show was, so I left satisfied.

But I digress.

Compared to the Asakusa Engeijô, the Suehirotei feels a little more refined, or perhaps the air is thick with proud tradition, and audiences seem to have more respect for performers at the latter. I’m not sure if this is truly the case, but this is the impression I will be returning to Osaka with this time.

I took the pictures in this post today in front of the Suehirotei. It really is a beautiful yose, inside and out. The Suehirotei was rebuilt soon after World War II, but it retains a wonderful turn-of-the-twentieth-century feel.


東京からのiPHONEアップデート その二






閑話休題 ...




2 thoughts on “Tokyo: Shinjuku Suehirotei 東京 新宿末広亭

  1. Hey Matt, It’s first time to see this blog in months! I’m happy you’d had great experiences with your shiso! btw, r u in Tokyo now? why u didn’t tell me in advance, have u visited Waseda Univ.? My office is almost same building as Engeki hakubutsukan. Seems u’ll back to your o-town soon but if u’ll drop by, let me know! have fun!

    • Emi-san,
      Thank you for visiting my blog.
      I did make it to the Waseda neighborhood, but I completely forgot that you were back already. I should make it back to Tokyo next month, and I will be sure to drop by to say hello if I do. Please say hello to Tomi-san for me–if time permits, perhaps we can all go out for a day/evening of rakugo.
      Take care in the interim,

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