Man of the Future: Somemaru 未来男 染丸師匠

Today I had a nice day at Somemaru’s.

We started the day with French toast then got ready for full day of lessons. Throughout the day, as usual, I took care of students as they came and left. Today I did something a little out of the ordinary though. Read on.

Somemaru recently got a new iPhone. I think he bought it because so many people around him also have one, and probably because they said it was useful. I know he also did some online research on smart-phones. He has yet to learn how to use all of the applications, but he seems to be enjoying his new “toy.”

Yes, so, my out-of-the-ordinary fun today was inputing his February and March schedule in his day-planner into the iCalendar application on his iPhone. I also showed him how to input and look up appointments, etc. He seemed to think it would be convenient, so, mission accomplished. Considering how busy Somemaru is, I’m sure having iCalendar will really help.

After a long day of lessons, I thought Somemaru was going to need a break, but he said, “Hey, let’s go to Umeda.” Talk about energy! I hurried to clean up and we were soon on our way. Where to? The electronics superstore Yodobashi Camera, to get an accessory for his new iPhone. Talk about Man of the Future…

After that we had a nice dinner out, followed by tea and cake.

Thank you Shishô. Otsukaresama de gozaimashita.









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