Ushiro Kamikiri and Sumô 後ろ紙切りと相撲

Here’s a post just in time for the Osaka Grand Sumô Tournament, which will get underway on March 11.

In a recent post, I mentioned the yose art kamikiri (artistic paper cutting, an iromono act) and I thought it was no longer performed in the Kansai area. Well, browsing Twitter last night, I found a Kamigata hanashika who performs kamikiri, though with an interesting twist. Hayashiya Emimaru (Somemaru’s #9 deshi) does kamikiri, but he does it backwards! I guess this makes sense for somebody known for doing backflips on stage… (By the way, Emimaru also plays ukulele, the right way.)

Take a look below at the Tweets and pictures (all property of Hayashiya Emimaru).




林家笑丸 @emimaru_rakugo, 10:44pm February 25


At Baruto’s appreciation dinner. I was invited as a guest, to perform ushiro kamikiri. Sitting next to Kôriyama, Baruto has a huge smile on his face (Jeez, you can’t see his face!)(LOL).

林家笑丸 @emimaru_rakugo, 11:11pm February 25
At Baruto’s appreciation dinner ②. I too was appreciated–a little too much–by a liquored-up older man. Once I got past that, I did kamikiri. Some of the guests watching said, “There’s a pro for you, making an old man like that part of the act.” *It wasn’t me using him! (LOL) Anyway, this is a fun memory.

林家笑丸 @emimaru_rakugo, 11:17pm February 25


With the sumô pro Kôriyama. A gentle-tempered powerhouse. This sumô wrestler is also powerful at drinking.

林家笑丸 @emimaru_rakugo, 11:28pm February 25


The sumô pro Baruto. He is a very open-hearted and cheerful sumô wrestler. He is an ôzeki [wrestler of the second-highest rank].

Matt Shores @KRakugoMe, 12:25am February 27

@emimaru_rakugo 笑丸さん、おはようございます。本当に楽しそうな仕事ですね。実は、僕の弟は少し把瑠都関に似ているかも… 相撲は無理ですけどね。逆紙切りてすごいですね。着物の方は大丈夫でしょうか。(^ー^)ノでは、おつかれさまでした。

Good morning, Emimaru. This looks like a really fun job. My brother kind of looks like Baruto… No way he could do sumô though. Wow, reverse kamikiri, impressive!  I wonder, is your kimono still in one piece? (^ー^)ノNice work!

林家笑丸 @emimaru_rakugo, 2:12am February 27

@KRakugoMe 着物は大丈夫でしたよー。気さくなお相撲さんとセレブなお客さんと、そこになぜか混じっていたやかましい酔っ払いのおじさんのハプニングストレスのおかげで、とても刺激的な一日でした(笑)。

Ye〜sss! My kimono was fine. Thanks to the time with friendly sumô wrestlers and celebrity guests, mixed with the stress from the run-in with the loud, drunk man,  it proved to be a very stimulating day (LOL).


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