Dinner and Karaoke ディナーとカラオケ

Tonight Somemaru invited me out to dinner and karaoke with a group of friends and pupils. The Chinese food was wonderful, and the karaoke was a blast. The best part of the evening was hearing Somemaru and Sakai Kunio (manzai artist/comedian) talk about the various jobs they’ve done together through the years, and listening to them sing songs from their younger days. Hanamaru, Someya, and Kinuyo (shamisen) were also along for the night’s festivities.

Somemaru has been incredibly generous to me since I’ve come to Japan to study under him. He has given me a number of beautiful gifts, and tonight he presented me with yet another. He gave me a valuable book that I had been wanting but could not afford myself, and he even did the wrapping.

Thank you so much, Shishô!





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