The First “Lion Show” 第一回 獅子の会

I remember hearing often in my youth the saying, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” These virtually opposite animals are metaphors for March weather, which tends to begin rough – wet, windy, cold – then end gentle – dry and warm. The transformation of lion to lamb represents the transition of winter to spring.

How auspicious, then, to hold “The First Lion’s Show” (Dai ikkai shishi no kai) on March 1! Please join me for what is sure to be a wonderful show at the Hanjôtei this evening. I am especially looking forward to Somemaru’s performance of the story Kyô no chazuke, and Hayashi Someza’s performance of Karuwaza kôshaku. There will also be rakugo performances by Hayashiya Someya and Katsura Asakichi, and a special shika shibai (a play [shibai] by hanashika) performance of Bakushô・Toki udon.

See you there! (Show starts at 6:30pm; ¥2500 in advance, ¥3000 at the door.)


ということで、3月1日に「第一回 獅子の会」が行われるのはとても縁起が良いですね。今晩、ご一緒に聴きにいきませんか?僕は、特に楽しみにしているのは、染丸師匠の「京の茶漬」と林家染左さんの「軽業講釈」です。林家染弥さんと桂あさ吉さんの落語もあり、「爆笑・時うどん」という鹿芝居(ハナシカが演る芝居)もありますので、ゼイタク〜。



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