My Brother in Osaka! 弟が大阪に!

I’ve waited for years to be able to share Japan with somebody in my family. Now I finally have the chance. Yesterday my brother, Philip, came to Osaka all the way from Oregon (west coast, USA). He will be here for one week.

We had okonomiyaki (Japanese-style savory pancake, for lack of better translation) last night and will visit the ancient capital Nara today.


3 thoughts on “My Brother in Osaka! 弟が大阪に!

  1. Do you remember that we had Japan-USA beard-growing competition back in 1999 – when I started my life in P-town. I think Phillip is ready to challenge us.

    Hope you two have great time together in Kansai (are you planning to travel anywhere?)

    • Hi Shingo,

      Yes, indeed. My brother can now grow a beard as well as any of us. Of course I remember our 1999 beard-growing competition. If I remember correctly, it was a toss-up; I had the thicker beard while yours was longer. It may be time for a rematch?

      Philip and I have been all around Osaka, and we also spent days in Nara and Kyoto. We have had a wonderful time together, and it has been a pleasure to show him what a wonderful country Japan is.

      He’s returning to Portland this evening, then I’m off for Toronto tomorrow.


      P.S. Philip says hello to his “Japanese brother.”

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